Swak with Aryu Jassika

approximations of brooding house and techno, strung through a continuum of intergenerational trauma - once a month, every second Saturday.


dig into seventhgaze's expansive vinyl collection, with occasional guests from around the world.

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Showcasing the latest and the best to come out of our current music world.


Life in Outer Space is a 10-episode monthly podcast focused on exploring the lesser known side of techno, presented by producer/DJ, Jono Stephenson. 


Challenging your understanding of music, art and culture. Creating space for local talent. Every second Sunday of the month. Hosted by Under Pressure Sundays boss, Bo's Hub. 


blue roots by okayshades is a series of music and conversation podcasts in which I invite guests to kick it with me one on one.

I share a musical connection with each guest and this is the foundation of the music I play. 

We reflect on what we hear and on the associations which are brought to mind.

Furthermore we occasionally discuss the cultural, social, and technological meanings implicit or explicit in the music. 

The title blue roots refers to my own upbringing: hearing a lot of jazz - and then it refers to the way this musical tradition has informed genres around the world. 



KloutYou is a news platform dedicated to the discovery and representation of new wave artists. This show serves to highlight new music from the new wave hip hop/trap scene

Amen is a monthly show hosted by Pasta, playing music for the perfect Sunday listen. 

LANCHIELD is a de-shaming process, just like any art form, she gazes on experiences and embrace them in an objective manner. LANCHIELD is a made up word consisting of "lance" and "shield", the Chinese translation of these two words becomes the word "contradictory". Heavily influenced by her study in film, musique concrete, and experimental music, Lanchield seeks to bridge sounds from individuals and express a narrative that resonates with herself but those around her.

Every First Saturday of the month.

 After Hours is Fernando’s monthly exploration of the deeper sides of jazz, hip-hop, bruks and whatever else he finds. Every Second Friday of the month.

Multi-disciplinary artist, Riley Pam-Grant brings you diverse, eclectic and quirky sounds through his genre-defying mixes, connecting the dots between different musical geographies and styles - from Experimental to Balearic, Funk to Highlife and everything in between. Every third Saturday of the month.

 Running on Empty is A11 boss’ show on Lilies Radio, bringing guests from all around for a fresh mix of sounds with no boundaries. Every fourth Friday of the month.

 Monthly frequencies from Johannesburg-based musician/DJ, 0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 0 - exploring the outer boundaries and negative spaces of techno, club and experimental music. Every fourth Saturday of the month.

 Welcome Park & hEAR figure, Luis 93 holds down a mix whenever he can. Bringing in straight house, lo-fi pressure and any vinyl oddities. Expect anything and everything.