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Surrender - Fernando

Drummer and music producer, Fernando Damon debuts on the Lilies label with a two-track EP that stretches and tests the boundaries of broken beat, drum n’ bass, experimental house and free jazz in a curious and intricate approach.  
Robin Fassie (known as RFK and a member of Mabuta) completes the project with top performances on both sides. On ‘No Hope After 1’, explosive drum breaks and percussion-heavy loops keep a solid foundation for Fassie’s somber melodic lines to fall in and out of the mix. Fernando’s humble ode to his early drum n’ bass influences come through from a new and fresh jazz lens to create a deeply meditative piece.  This is further explored on the tougher and more energetic B side, Mongo. With swelling brass chords and a steady-rolling broken beat over sampled jazz cuts, Fassie’s trumpet line jolts along, driving the piece into new psychedelic territories.  
Surrender is a small and profound exclamation of Fernando’s musical sensibility and strength at just a young age of 22. This is suited for all situations, from the bedroom to the dancefloor.  
Available on digital platforms on the 24th of May 2019, and limited 7” vinyl to be released soon after. 

Artwork by Jesse Chitter